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Why Partner with CACF?

CACF provides an efficient and effective way for you to facilitate your philanthropy. The Foundation provides expert advice on effective community organizations and programs and personalized service to donors.

Ten reasons why people choose to partner with CACF:

  1. Simplicity: One contribution to the Foundation can be used to address a wide range of needs in the community.  Rather than having multiple appeals come to a home, a donor can state that all appeals for gifts should go through the Foundation.  CACF handles all of the administrative paperwork.
  1. Convenience: A donor with a Donor Advised Fund has easy access to fund information, can view his/her fund balance online, submit online grant recommendations and review transaction history through a secured section of CACF’s website.
  2. Effectiveness and Security: The Foundation insures the best use of your gifts through grant research by its staff, prudent judgment of the Grants Committee and Board of Trustees, and the responsible investment policies of the Foundation.
  3. Flexibility: The Foundation will honor the donor’s wishes regarding a designated beneficiary or field of interest.  In addition, while CACF’s primary focus is in the seven county service area, it can make grants to charities outside the region for donors who do a majority of their giving within the service area. CACF has the responsibility to be aware of changing conditions in our service area. 
  4. Customized Service: CACF will work with donors to develop a giving approach that matches their personal interests and tax planning needs.  CACF wants giving to be easy, meaningful and effective.
  5. Permanence and Continuity: All gifts are added to one of the permanent funds to continue to benefit the community well into the future.  Assets may be added to any fund, by anyone, for continued growth.
  6. Recognition: All grants are identified to the recipients by name unless the donor wishes them to be anonymous.
  7. Tax Benefits: CACF qualifies as a public charity under federal tax law.  Gifts made during lifetime will result in important, current, tax advantages.  Bequests are deductible for federal and state estate tax purposes.
  8. Community Knowledge and Access to Information: The professional staff at CACF regularly monitors areas of local needs and the organizations whose mission it is to address those needs. The staff can help donors learn about local agencies and programs that make a difference in their areas of interest. CACF offers a new online nonprofit directory that allows 24/7 access to local nonprofit information through the CACF website.
  1. Permanent Legacy and Accountability: CACF will work with estate attorneys, accountants or other financial advisors to explore strategies to reduce taxes, increase income or build a permanent legacy to achieve set charitable goals for the donor’s lifetime and beyond.  If desired, the staff will engage the next generation to continue family involvement.  CACF takes seriously the stewardship of all the gifts and the responsibility to preserve and execute the donor’s intent.