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Shaping Sounds with Rita Dove and Matthew Burtner

On March 29, from 6-8PM at The Haven, Pulitzer-Prize winning former U.S. Poet Laureate, Rita Dove, is teaming up with sound artist and professor of computer and compositional technologies, Matthew Burtner and his group, Eco Sono Ensemble to create something new, something innovative, something great. 

This collaboration is the perfect example of what intentional interaction between different entities can create. Cross-overs between music and poetry yield sounds, ideas and experiences never before imagined. Interactions amongst audience members, and between audience and performers can similarly create new language, new poetry, new futures. 

The pair have produced The Ceiling Floats Away, a series of 13 composed poetry-and-music movements interspersed with audience-produced bridges. “It’s about re-engaging with creative art-making,” says Burtner. “Even if you’re sitting in the audience, you’re supposed to be making something in this piece.”

This powerful and thought-provoking event is open to the public. Register here.