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Heal Charlottesville Fund

The Heal Charlottesville, Concert for Charlottesville and Unity Cville Funds have come together to respond to the events of August 11th and 12th in Charlottesville. Many generous donors have contributed to these funds to support victims and help the community move forward. Over $1 million has been raised across these funds and a number of efforts are underway.

To date, the Funds have co-funded over $325,000 to support individual victims as well as organizations who are providing trauma counseling and support. 

A helpline (434-234-4490) is available to anyone impacted by the August events. This helpline is available Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm. We encourage community members to call for assistance. The resources available through this program have supported mental health and ongoing medical services, as well as rent assistance, transportation, child care and other expenses related to missing work due to injury and loss of income. The funding is flexible and there is additional funding available. We encourage anyone who has a need to contact the helpline. 

In addition to this effort, the Heal and Concert for Charlottesville Funds have co-funded different community-based organizations to expand their trauma support services for the community. These groups include:
Sister Keeper Doula Collective
The Women’s Initiative
Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition
Common Ground Healing Arts

Support has also gone to a program for first responders. 

We invite community members to email us at to let us know about other victim support or trauma counseling service opportunities in the community. We want to be sure that community members are able to access options that work best for them. 

We remain committed to meeting the immediate needs of community members and understand that the recovery from traumatic events like those our community experienced can take time. We are here to support that process and will continue to provide updates.

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