Healing Charlottesville

The Heal Charlottesville Fund was founded in response to the white supremacist attacks in Charlottesville in August of 2017. Throughout the summer, Charlottesville was terrorized by white supremacists and Klu Klux Klan members, culminating in two days of violent clashes and a car attack. Our community was deeply saddened by the loss of Heather Heyer, Lt. H. Jay Cullen, and Trooper Berke Bates. A generous outpouring of support resulted in the creation of three funds: Heal Charlottesville Fund, Concert for Charlottesville, and Unity Cville. These Funds are housed at the Community Foundation and are coordinating their work to help injured individuals, ensure trauma counseling services for the community, and address the impacts of structural racism.

Grant Opportunities

In addition to our continued support of survivors, the Heal Charlottesville Fund will focus on addressing prevailing racial inequities, biases, and marginalization. The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation is seeking grant proposals that focus on one of the 3 following areas:

  1. Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Community Processes and Decision-making
  2. Advancing Racial Equity
  3. Increasing Education, Awareness, and History-Telling

This funding opportunity is now closed. We received over 100 applications, an incredible community response to this important work. Here are some details about who applied:

  • Over 50% are from individuals and organizations who had never applied to the Foundation previously
  • Over 40% are from person of color- led efforts
  • 55% are from individuals and/or very grassroots efforts

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress. The Foundation Governing Board has charged a committee of 9 people to review proposals and making funding decisions. Meet the Fund Review Committee.

Support for the Injured

A number of sources of support were set up quickly after the violence to help survivors. Funds from the Foundation have been distributed to individuals who were injured by or witnessed the car attack. $200,000 has been distributed to date and additional funds are available to meet the unique needs of individuals. This support helps individuals fill gaps where they have expenses due to injury and loss of income, including housing, insurance and car payments, utilities, child care, food, and physical therapy.

“I was injured in the August 12 car attack. I sustained two spinal fractures, a broken rib, and a severely fractured leg. The Heal Charlottesville Fund is covering many of my expenses while I heal. The Heal Fund pays for my rent, utilities, phone bill, chiropractor, and other expenses. I am so incredibly grateful for their help. I have had three surgeries so far and will be having a fourth surgery next month. Healing from the car attack has been an exhausting and painful process. I am so grateful that I can count on the Heal Fund to help with my expenses until I'm able to return to work. It has relieved a lot of stress to have my finances covered.” -Survivor of the Car Attack  

Additional funding is available for survivors and we encourage anyone with needs to call the Help Line: (434) 234-4490.

Support for the Community

August 2017 was a traumatic experience for our community. Many populations were specifically targeted by the violence, racist and derogatory chants, and intimidation tactics of the white supremacists. First responders and medical volunteers were impacted by what they experienced. Soon after the events, grants were made to community-based organizations to address the increased need for trauma counseling services. Over $155,000 supported trauma counseling through the following organizations:

  • ReadyKids
  • Sisters Keeper Doula Collective
  • The Women’s Initiative
  • Community Mental Health and Wellness Coalition
  • Common Ground Healing Arts
  • Charlottesville Police Foundation

An additional $70,000 has been distributed to other community efforts:

  • Heather Heyer Foundation to provide scholarships to local students
  • Congregation Beth Israel for enhanced security
  • United Way Community Table event in October 2017
  • National Compassion Fund to support individuals impacted by the violence

Thank You

We are extremely grateful to those who have responded to the events of last summer by making a generous financial gift. More than 3,000 people made a contribution to the Heal Charlottesville or Concert for Charlottesville Funds. We received gifts from across the country, from individuals and businesses alike, and at all levels of giving. The Charlottesville community is deeply grateful for your overwhelming show of support.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Heal Charlottesville Fund, you can do so here.