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Support Future Fund

There are many ways to support the Future Fund! Individuals may consider adding to the annual grant or supporting the operating fund. Companies may consider adding to the annual grant award, underwriting Future Fund events, encouraging employees to join, or supporting the operating fund. With your support, we can build a sustainable program that will enhance our mission to develop the next generation of philanthropists and to increase capacity to make high-impact grants to local organizations!


You don't necessarily have to have deep pockets to make a significant contribution;
you just have to work together, and the framework of the Future Fund has provided
 -- Gopal Penny, Future Fund member
 “It’s exciting to be part of such an innovative approach to community giving.
I think of it as democratizing philanthropy for our generation.”
-- Erin Malec, Future Fund member


If you would like to support the Future Fund, contact Dan Freedman at dfreedman at cacfonline dot org.