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Future Fund




                                                                Dear Future Funders,
Many of you may know that I joined CACF in November 2013. As I have learned more about our work in the community over the past nine months, my excitement about the Future Fund, and my commitment to invest in it, has only grown. In talking with you, I have come to understand what the Future Fund provides its members as a resource for learning about giving and philanthropy, including grant-making, and for social and community engagement. 
I think that a huge opportunity exists to further build the Future Fund leadership and membership, as well as your activities and, ultimately, your impact in our community. To do this successfully we need to think together, openly and creatively, about all the possibilities for the Future Fund, and about how CACF can best support you to realize them. And, this may then lead us to try out new ways of working together. I want our work together to be an energizing and gratifying experience!
We have already started this thought process, both through three consultation sessions that we held with past and present members and through work that we have done with the current Steering Committee. We have some initial ideas to share, and we welcome your feedback and further input. For those of you who have moved away from the Future Fund, we are interested to learn more about how we might meet your current interests for community engagement.
To build the conversation, we will be hosting a series of monthly events from September through December, and the events are posted on Facebook. I plan to join them, and hope that you might too. Please consider providing your valuable input at our fall events, or feel free to email me.
Bring your questions, experiences and ideas. We want to hear them!                    
Warm regards,
Anne Scott, President and CEO
Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
114 4th Street, SE, Charlottesville, VA  22902

What is the Charlottesville Future Fund?

Launched in 2009, the Future Fund is a giving circle for people in their 20s30s, and 40s that offers an affordable way to leverage a charitable contribution with that of other young professionals to support Charlottesville nonprofits. The Future Fund is an accessible way to engage in philanthropy, learn about the community and meet new people. 

Future Fund members enjoy social networking events, organized volunteer opportunities, education about the community's needs, and the ability to award a grant to an organization of the group's choice. 
The Future Fund unites emerging philanthropists to make a collective impact on our community and is part of CACF’s commitment to engaging the next generation in philanthropy. 


Since 2009, the Future Fund has given away $250,000 and engaged over 500 young professionals in philanthropy. 

Want to see more? Check out these pictures!

Why join the Charlottesville Future Fund?

Participating in the Future Fund allows you to engage in giving with your peers. We hope you will share what you know, and you will learn about the issues facing Charlottesville and the nonprofits that work to improve our community. 
Who is eligible to join?
Anyone age 20 to 49 in the Charlottesville area.