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CACF Fund Types

CACF offers donors tangible ways to make a difference in the Charlottesville area community through a variety of funds administered as permanent endowments. Gifts are invested for long-term growth, with the income and a portion of the appreciation used to make grants. Grants are awarded to local individuals and groups based on specific criteria determined by the donors. This allows donors to feel a keen sense of connection with those who benefit from their donations.


  • A group of donors and their representatives can raise money, manage a donation, and collectively make decisions about the charities they wish to support. Read More
  • This type of fund allows a donor to contribute to charities in our community and throughout the United States. A donor-advised fund is an excellent alternative to a private foundation, with comparable or superior tax benefits. Read More
  • In these funds, the gift is tied to a general area of interest, chosen by the donor, and not to a specific organization. A donor may establish a new Field-of-Interest Fund with a name of his/her choosing or may add funds to one of our existing funds. Read More
  • This fund makes pro-active, strategic grants as catalysts for the community, to encourage collaborations among non-profit organizations or other select grants. Read More
  • Unrestricted gifts are placed in this fund, allowing CACF’s board and staff the flexibility to address pressing community needs. Read More
  • Gifts made to the Vision Fund support CACF’s administrative budget, allowing more of our unrestricted dollars to be made available for grantmaking to local nonprofits. Read More
  • A scholarship fund can be established to support students of any age in their pursuit of further education. The donor determines the criteria that students or teachers must meet in order to receive the scholarship and CACF staff will handle the administrative details. Read More
  • The donor will choose a specific organization or group of organizations to receive long-term support. A percentage of the funds, currently around 4 ½% is disbursed annually. If the organization goes out of business or loses its tax-exempt status, CACF will choose a replacement organization with similar goals and programs. Read More
  • Gifts made in memory or in honor of indivduals can establish a legacy for future generations with that individual in mind. Read More
  • These funds are created for the benefit of a charitable organization that prefers the advantages of establishing an endowment fund with CACF rather than creating and managing such a fund themselves. Read More