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As stewards of the charitable resources entrusted to it, CACF's Governing Board takes its job very seriously. Two essential committees of the Board are the Investment Committee and the Audit Committee. The Investment Committee has recently revised our Investment Policy Statement and, with the aid of our Investment Strategist Wells Fargo Bank, has designed an investment platform for future growth of our funds. Our Audit Committee reviews the activities of the Foundation to ensure good governance and, with the help of auditor Bowling Franklin, makes sure we report timely and accurate information with the various tax authorities.

For our financial summary, please refer to our 2013 Annual Report, page 47.   For further information, we at the CACF staff would welcome a conversation with you. 

Transfer instructions for stock or bond transfers or cash wires are available here.

2013 990
2013 Audit
2012 990
2012 Audit
2011 990
2011 Audit

Names of Investment Advisors, fees charged, and body of individuals responsible for investment and oversight are available upon request.